My blood is fine, thank you  

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I’ve got the results of my blood exam today. Some people thought it was a good idea to check my blood and I don’t blame them :p I’m often sick and when I’m in Scotland there’s nobody making soup, nice cool beds and hugging me *boohoo* I wonder why I’m feeling unhealthy. Maybe it has something to do with my lifestyle? I eat pizza for breakfast, I love liqueur, don’t like vegetables and candy is my favourite snack...
Oh and my blood was fine. It was red and liquid like blood’s supposed to be. I still regret seeing that, I wasn’t feeling well seeing my own blood (and that’s a understatement) XD However I promise to take care of myself in Scotland. Three meals every day, vegetables and fruit and all that stuff.

Woohoo! I have a ticket for Lowlands! Thank you Lisa! Looks like I’m going to a festival after all ^_^ It’s the only vacation I’m going to have this year. Looking forward to the noise and three days no shower muha! Listening to the bands now to see which ones I’m going to harass. I’ll take some photos :p

Short news
-I can’t finish my squid bag, argh! I lost my felt pieces for making the eyes and stuff. Maybe it’ll show up when we’re moving out...
- ...Maart and I are moving out of our house...He isn’t allowed to stay alone in this big house and he has already found a new home.
- I hate this lame summer weather!
- The big farewell party is planned and invitations are on their way. It’s actually not allowed to give partys in our house but everyone else in the street seems to ignore that so puh! Two days later I’m on plane to Scotland, muhaha they can’t catch me.
- I’m a bit busy these days with two lame deadlines and arranging stuff.
- I’m going to cook a nice fish with potatoes and cauliflower,beans and bacon. How healthy is that!

Bye!Watching this a lot now (bobobo bo-bobobo or something like that) It's absolutely weird, fast and he fights with his nose really it's cool.

First time in Edinburgh  

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I’m back in Holland again and I already miss Edinburgh. I guess that’s a good thing because I’m going to live there for a year ^_^ Here is the story from start;

When the plane tickets were booked the major stress began. I’d arranged some viewings and that turned out to be a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. Most of the people didn’t reply or the rooms weren’t available anymore. Some butterflies appeared in my stomach and they soon turned into hurricanes. I was so nervous for the flight I couldn’t eat. I have flown when I was little before and one really bad flight developed into a foby. I’ve tried it once again and it wasn’t a succes. There was no chance I would step into an airplane alone this time, so my mum went with me to Edinburgh. Although that didn’t made my foby for flying any less. It turned so bad I went to the doctor for some tranquillizers. I also rememberd I got a book for my birthday called ‘how to treat your flight fear’ so I started reading and it helped me so much! I learned a lot about airplanes and flying and that helped me to reduce my fear, though I was still scared.

The night before I went to Edinburgh I had managed to arrange 6 viewings. I took one pil for sleeping and when I woke up I didn’t feel any stress (because of the pil). I took two more, just to be sure, and I felt so peacefull like I was in a Zen state or something, haha. My mother said it looked like I was drunk and high. Once in the plane I didn’t feel scared although I couldn’t control my shivering :s
We were in the air for about 10 minutes and then the captain anounced that we had to go back to the airport. A bird had flown into the engine while we took off and there wasn’t a mechanic in Edinburgh that could fix that. So we had to turn and fix it in Weeze (Germany). He told that it happens sometimes and I thought it was funny (completely high XD). I was already sleeping when we landed and they were fixing the engine.

Once arrived in Edinburgh we went to our hotel. It was located in a huge building excavation in the city hehe. For the next three days we visited the viewings, the campus and my new school. August is a festival month in Edinburgh so the city was full of people. The Fringe festival had just started and the streets were filled with students/theatre/dance/comic groups giving a sneak preview of their shows shown later that night and handed out flyers.
The viewings went fine. The people were very nice and welcome. It was sometimes a bit difficult though because most of the people didn’t gave me a housenumber and didn’t call me back when I left a message. I’ve seen 4 rooms out of 6 and I have a beautiful room now! It’s a huge room in a nice grand building with large windows and high ceilings (some people might remember the house in Tilburg where Maarten en I lived in, and it looks a bit like that only better taken care of ^_^ ) There are three other girls living there, I haven’t met them yet. The living room and the kitchen is shared and we have two bathrooms for 4 girls. The house is located at the meadows (a huge park full with relaxing students), about a 15 minute walk to school. My room is furnished, big, has internet and I can make free international calls ^_^ The closet doors are mirrors so I can practise my dance moves too XD Unfortunately I haven’t got a photo of the room.
My school is nice too. The outside is a big red modern building and inside it looks more classical with greek statues and pillars. There was an expo going on so I couln’t check everything, most of the doors were locked. The city itself is lovely! It looks so medieval, and I’m in love with the old part of the town.

Now I’m back home and have to do a lot of stuff. The hardest part is missing my boyfriend. Those four days were long without him. I’m glad I have internet and free international calls there.
I will be moving in September the 1st. My dad is coming with me because I’m still afraid of flying (I feel like such a baby :p) however if he can’t make it I’m looking for a good friend to support me. I promise I won’t hurt you ^_^

The view

The view a bit closer

My new school

The castle of Edinburgh

Fawlty Towers! (the woman wouldn't go away grrr)

Another church

A black church

Nice old city

Tired of walking

Lovely old graveyard. There was actually a market going on between the tombstones :s