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There was a Repo Tour in the U.K and last Wednesday it came to Edinburgh. Repo The Genetic Opera is a film with quite a big story. I won’t bother you with a lot of details but in short it’s a movie I’m really excited with but it’s hard to get a hold on it. Thanks to one of the animation students I could buy a ticket in advance because there would be only one screening in the cinema.

The director Darren Lynn Bousman and screenwriter + playing grave robber in the movie Terrance Zdunich were there too. The screening was sold out when I got there so I was glad I bought a ticket in advance. When I wanted to go in two guys asked me if they could interview me for the radio. I told them that my English was not so good but they said that at least I was honest so I figured what the heck, I’ll try. I answered some short questions about Repo and gave my opinion about the whole problem of distribution of the movie and stuff. They thanked me and told me it would be on the BBC1 radio tomorrow.
The cinema was packed and the Darren Lyns Bousman and Terrance Zdunich introduced the movie. They said we could do whatever we want during the movie; singing along, acting out in front of the screen, yelling Booo it doesn’t matter as long as you are enjoying it.
So I watched the movie for another time (I had already bought the DVD when It came out in America). After that there was a Question and Answer with them. A lot of fun and jokes and very inspiring for me. They told everyone they would stick around as long as necessary to sign everything and maybe get a beer together. It looked like everyone was leaving but I wanted their autographs. Too bad I forgot my DVD so I bought a card of the movie with my last cabmoney. I went to them and I was the first asking for their autographs (very shy :p) They asked me if I liked the movie and stuff. Terrance Zdunich suddenly said to me “you’re awesome” and I got a huge red head and he wanted to shake my hand haha. I left after that.

While I was walking home I felt bad that I had the chance to talk to them but I didn’t do anything except for standing there like a big shy red lobster. During the screening they insisted that the public isn’t quiet anymore and we need to tell our opinions so the weird and not so big productions have their change in the cinema too. At home I wrote an email telling them what I wanted to tell and send it to them but I knew that everyone would send them mail everyday…

However the day after I got a reply from them hahaha. It said this:

You rock!

And we remember you!

Next time don't be shy

we love you@


I thought that was kinda cool haha. They actually made time for their fans. That whole adventure was quite an experience and inspiration for me and I’m happy.


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Hey guys,

I’m extremely busy from now on. I started shooting and like always that involves a lot of chaos and stress :p You can read the whole story on
It’s good stress though! We’re all very excited to work on this project and so far it goes great. Sorry I forget so many things lately!

Hug for you all!