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Click to view full size! This apeared in Skrien a dutch movie magazine. Too bad it's in Dutch. The auto translation says:

There is one splendid animation in a further quite considerable graduation year of St. Joost. It's called Mala and it has a good combination of picture, sound and music. In comic book style Nicole Volbeda shows silhouettes, hands thus details. Nevertheless you know exactly what happens there. That stealing an apple could end somehow sinister for example. Beside this really artistic animation St. Joost has more animation and even more documentary.


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I had a great time this week. Everything was about Halloween, they really like to celebrate it here in Scotland (Halloween or samhuinn, the celtic new year.).
Yubing and I went to a big second hand shop at grassmarket to find an outfit for Halloween. At some point we had the idea that I would dress up as a Chinese girl and Yubing as a Dutch girl. It was easy to find chinese clothes but Dutch clothes were very difficult. We only could find wooden shoes but they were very expensive :( In the end I bought a kimono and a petticoat for 20 pound.
The next day I was sick. I had a horrible night with no sleep and a fever. The next morning my stomach was really upset. Didn’t do much that day.

Yubing invited me for a Halloween party Thursday. I did feel a lot better that day so I dressed up as a geisha and went to Yubing. Yubing had bought some random clothes and in the end she looked like those famous mongolian horse riders, it was so cool. The other flatmates didn’t dress up because they had no time (and Halloween was the next day so they really didn’t have to). We went to the club where the party was but it was closed! The invitation said 8 o’clock and we were already fifteen minutes late :s They opened the club however and for a long time we were the only guests. We got a free drink and after a while it was crowded. Almost everyone dressed up. There was a costume contest (a zombie nurse won) there was karaoke and a dj. It was a nice night with a lot of fun!

The next day was really Halloween. We discovered that there would be a parade later that evening at the royal mile. Yubing went with her flatmates, Joy went with her schoolmates and Julia and I went together. With a hot wine in the hand and a camera in the other we enjoyed the parade. It was a big company of actors dressed up as devils and more characters I didn’t know off (I think they were some characters from a myth). After the parade they went to a stage and performed a play about something, it was really hard to understand but something with a king winter and he killed the other king and lots of devils.

After the play we went home for another party. The neighbours invited us for their Halloween party. So Joy, a friend of Joy, Julia and me went to them with a bottle of wine. It was really busy and everyone had a nice costume! The boys had transformed the flat, every room was black and had cobwebs with spiders, some ghosts on the ceiling, there was a corpse in the bad next to the toilet and so on. We ended up drinking our own present for them (all the other food and drinks were already gone) and got drunk. It was nice though because our beds were just a few meters away, haha. I don’t know how late we went home but the party was still going one when I was sleeping.

The next morning Julia and I went to a dr Sketchy class. It’s a life drawing class with burlesque models in a bar. Very nice! One of the models gave a little show and after that the two models took poses for 10 or 15 minutes. After each pose the hostes walked through the audience and picked some drawings out to show them to eveyone. It’s not neccesary to be a good artist, it’s not serious and fun is the most important thing. If they liked your drawing you’d get a drink. It was so much fun although we had a hangover haha. I’m sure I’ll go next time, it’s a good thing to practise my life drawings again.
Sunday was my cleaning day. I cleaned my room and the bathroom did some homework and now I’m going to watch some dvd’s. Next week I’m planning to go every day to school because it’s going to be a busy period for me. I have to give a presentation of my work next week and hand in a written piece of 2000 words in a few weeks. But Bram and Lisa are visiting me soon so I want to finish it earlier so I have more time with them :)