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Finally a new post! I’ve been so busy lately I neglected everyone. Sorry about that!

Everything is going great! I attend a lot of lectures even though they’re not mend for me to follow. I’m also working hard on my animation. I’m lucky I have a team of people that really like my project and work hard for it too. My producer Patricia arranged the equipment, location and all small stuff I forget :p My scriptwriter is working on the episodes and the four I’ve got now are really good. Too bad I can’t manage to make them all and I have to choose which episodes will be made.
I also have to write a critical study of my practice. The main topic of that will be how far I can stretch the limits in children animation. What’s allowed to show children and what isn’t. This week I have to hand in a draft of 3000 words.
I’ve been asked again if I want to take part in a photo shoot next week. This time in daylight and I’ll probably get the photo’s of the first shoot somewhere this week. I really need to die my hair again though -_-‘

Film festival
Yubing and I went to Glasgow last Saturday. There is a film festival going on and Yubing won a free ticket. I went with her to see Glasgow for the first time and to watch some movies. I find Glasgow a very good city to shop and it looks modern which I don't like that much. We were there at 10 in the morning to shop first. I’ve bought finally the bag I was looking for; a red leather baggy bag with particular handles, and a cute children book about phobias.
Yubing went off to see the program of her free ticket and I went to a program with movies made by kids from 9 till 21 years old. It was so creative, funny and nice to watch (and it was free too :p). I really had a great time. After that I walked through the city because Yubing wasn’t finished. We met each other again at some network party of film people/students. I was so tired and wanted to go home but every time we took a few steps there was someone else wanting to talk and have contact details. Everyone was so eager to network! I find it always difficult to do but this time I didn’t have to do anything.
I was back home at 8, hungry, tired but satisfied.

Random news
- I’ve been to dr. Sketchy again. It was so much fun.
- It snowed at some random days. Yubing and me tried to make the biggest snowman in the meadows but in the end we couldn’t lift the ball on top of the other :s
- I’ve been to some parties mainly from Joy, my ‘ex flat mate’ (we call each other that) It was so much fun and I’ve met some great new people.
- Thank you Marcel and Jetske for the nice card
- Thanks for the postcard Tante Jo en tante Wil.
- Thanx auntie Ineke and uncle Ad for the cute valentines present
- Thanks again mum for the package. Now I can eat good food and knit again hahaha.
- I’m coming back for a short visit to Holland in the beginning of May.
- You can read more about my project here: http://www.improvelilly.blogspot.com/
- I have new glasses ^_^

A cute valentines apple!