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My sweet plant Artur grew beautiful flowers. Unfortunately he grew one too many and got out of balance. At 02:00 am he crashed into the ground and snapped his stalk. I woke up by the noise unable to save him. I really miss my flower :(


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Photos are made by Sylwia Kowalczyk. I'll get more in a few weeks.

Random news  

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Photo shoot
I had to go back to school last Monday. It was cool to see all my friends again and I even enjoyed the lectures for once. A girl came up to me during the break and asked me if I wanted to be her model for her photo shoot. She gave me her business card and showed me some of her work. I liked it a lot so I agreed and we made an appointment for Wednesday. She’s doing the MA course as well and has a business with her boyfriend, also an professional photographer.
I couldn’t wear any black clothes and I could decide what I wanted to do for makeup. So I only did some powder for the flash and nothing more, I’m not so good in makeup hehe. They made photos with one of those ancient cameras where you have to be under a cloth to make a photo. They told me it’s the best quality and they can blow up the image really big (I don’t know if they were planning to do that with my photo :s). They also told that every photo costs 5 pound 0_0 and I think they’ve made 10 photos with it and some with a huge digital camera. I was surrounded by lights, reflectors and had to look over my shoulder into the camera lol (it was a portrait photo shoot). It was so much fun and I’ve learned some stuff about lightening now ^_^ I get the photos in two weeks.

My project is going great! I’m so happy with my screenwriter. He’s the one writing the scenes after I’ve told him what I want. He understands the whole feeling of my animation and the scripts that he writes are so cool. It’s good to have someone that knows how to write dialogues. So far I’ve received 3 scripts/episodes. I’m adapting them to storyboards and after that I’ll make the animatics so me and my camera girl can start shooting.
I’m happy, my teachers are happy and soon we will get a boot camp of theory we asked them to learn us.

I haven’t send my graduation animation to any festivals because I wasn’t happy with it anymore. Some scenes need to be redone and stuff and that’s all going to happen next year. But somehow it got picked up by some people and they’re asking me if I want to send in Mala to their festivals. Kinda cool although I consider it not finished yet. It’s screened at:
- TeleviZie
- Cultuurnacht (coming soon)
- IFFB (coming soon)

Short news
-I’ve got my research proposal back (the one where I was sick, didn’t understand what I had to do and was almost too late to hand it in because everything was chaotic and unclear!). I’ve got al B’s for it and I’m not sure how to convert it but I think that’s graded as an 8 in Holland. So I’m happy, yay!
-The weather is so nice here. It’s almost like spring! But that also means no snow -_-‘
-I washed my clothes together with a matchbox somehow (I’ve never seen it before and I wonder where it came from :s) and now my clothes stink like hell, literally...they smell like sulphur.

Happy Holidays  

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Maarten visited me in Scotland the 17th. It was so nice to see him again! The weather wasn’t that good but we shopped, visited winter wonderland, climbed Arthur Seat, saw The day the earth stood still in the cinema. Julia’s boyfriend was also visiting and they decided to make a trip to the highlands for Christmas. They asked us to come with them but we were both poor and had no money.
But we had the flat for the two of us and that was also nice. On Christmas day we took it easy, we walked in the park and began making dinner at 4. We made al sort of tapas and it took a long time to prepare them. It was fun though and we watched the Dr. Who Christmas special while eating dinner. After that we suddenly realized we totally forgot the presents! So we did that a bit late. I’ve got an Edinburgh travel guide and music box, a book about taxidermy & dead animals, a horror comic book, underpants with glitters and cupcakes, and lip gloss. So cool!
On Boxing Day we did nothing special, I’ve made some homework and we prepared for the flight back to Holland. I was again a bit nervous. But it went very smooth together with Maarten. In the plane I wasn’t afraid anymore, I didn’t even shake!
My parents were waiting for me at the airport in Germany and it was so nice to see them again. Big hugs and kisses and my dad even lifted me of the ground with my suitcase still dangling in my hand, haha! We stepped in the car and the first thing we got was a ‘friet speciaal’ (those are French fries with mayonnaise, spiced ketchup and onions). I was so longing for that!
That evening we had another Christmas. My parents waited for me hehe and again I got a lot of presents; make up, wool, ink pen, art book, writing paper, chocolate, drawing book, socks, and a lot of clothes.
New Years Eve
First the plan was to celebrate New Year’s Eve with the family. But Maarten joined with a friend and Manon also had a boyfriend and in the end we were with more people. We’ve had a nice big Greek dinner and played Xbox games and poker and soon it was 12 twelve o’clock. My dad had the nice traditional firework tree but it wasn’t as loud as normal. But the other firework was beautiful! We went also to my uncle and aunt, they live a couple of street away. It was nice to see them again. We’ve stayed there for a while watching the big smoky fire my uncle had made. Once back we played poker till 6 with my dad and went to bed.

Flight back
I had to go back alone to Edinburgh. Nobody had the time or money to support me during my flight and I wanted to try it alone. Because last time went so well. I was scared though but I know the airport (it’s very small). I was early and waited to board the plane. After a while people were already standing in line and that made me nervous so I went to join them. I’ve a priority ticket and that means that you can board first. That’s convenient for me because I can choose first where to sit and I want a place in front.
So after standing 30 minutes we finally could board the plane. I was the first yay! We had to wait outside until the people were done with checking the airplane. It took longer and longer and more people were coming to have a look. After a while we had to go inside again, but the people standing in the back saw their change to cut in the line. So it was pushing to get inside and because I was first, I was also the last one inside and got squished against the glass doors. People around me were angry and panicking and that made me scared too so I called my dad. He told me to wait there. After some more time (I can’t keep track of time because I’m a bit fuzzy of the fear pills) the airport people said the flight was canceled and we had to wait for a new airplane. I wanted to call my dad again but I was out of call credit. With my last 50 eurocent I found a paid phone and told my dad the news. They would wait on the airport until I was in the air.
After a while they announced it was boarding time again and I went to stand in line. But now they didn’t use the priority cards anymore! I was again in panic because all those people in front of me and afraid I couldn’t sit in the front. While walking to the airplane I saw my parents outside waving to me. In the airplane I noticed that the front seats where still empty and in the end I had a seat in front, yay. The flight itself was less stressful. I was a bit shaky and had stomach pain but I had everything under control. Maybe someday I’ll be cured of my flight fear!

Not much happened with my own animation project because of the holidays and the visits. But I’ve made an animation for a documentary about Alzheimer. I had to animate shriveling brain, pretty awesome! It was a last minute project but so much fun!

Animation for the documentary of Daniel Jewell