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At last a first entry! Beware of all the useless information and bad spelling! I still need to instal an English spelling check.

There is so much going on at the moment, where shall I start? Let’s begin this blog with my graduation, yeah, that’s nice. It’s the end of my happy careless student life and the beginning of my serious stressful (thank you hirvine :p) animation career.....I hope.
My graduation was busy, hectic and stressful. The lack of sunlight and proper care for myself had an effect on me. I sat behind my computer animating all day long and in the end I felt nothing was done. It was addicting though, seeing the movements I had made and finishing one shot at a time. Due to the short time, and yes it’s my own fault I lack planning skills, some parts weren’t finished as they should be. Some scenes need to be redone, I forgot the color one scene (that’s fixed now) and most of my sounds came from a sound database. So this animation is still under construction and therefore I will not send it to festivals. There is one festival though that asked me for my animation and that is the lovely butffestival (B-movie, Underground en Trash Film). If you’re really into that stuff, like me, go and visit!

After my graduation I wasn’t used to all the free time. I created a new project; arrange everything for Scotland. I’m accapted at the Edinburgh College of Art and I’m going to study a Master in Animation there. This means I will be gone for a year, but no worries, I’ll keep everyone up to date using this blog.
My quest for a room hasn’t succeeded yet therefore I’m going this Sunday (3th of August) to Edinburgh for the first time! I’m so excited. There’s also a festival going on there. I will be back Wednesday (6th of August).

My birthday was fun (it was the 13th of July and I don’t mind if you forgot it, I’m bad at remembering birthdays too) and I got the best present ever! The next time you see me I will be having a tattoo, muha! I’m feeling tough already haha. It’s not a big deal though, they’re small stars in a brown color at random places on my body. Like little a star shape....stary freckles....freckely stars, you know the idea. It’s a gift from Maarten, my boyfriend. I also got a very pink photocamera that can take photos underwater (ohhellyeah, how awesome is that!) and a beautiful big moonstone ring and bracelet.
There will be a party celebrating my graduation/birthday/leaving Holland (I need moneys, studying abroad isn’t cheap :p). Invitations are coming. There’s a party in Oosterhout for my family and a party in Breda for my friends and then I will leave you alone for a year.

A pretty big first entry, I’m so proud. Well I end this with some useless information.

Short news of the ever so amazing life of Nicole
- I’m working on a giant squid bag (in the colors pink and blue ofcourse). The tentacles are the shoulder straps and his mouth is the opening of the bag. The proces of creating it was a big pain in the ass but it’s almost finished now. Photos are online soon. I’ll make more for money.
- I’m busy finishing an animation for droomwevers. They had a child poem and needed some animation with it. It’s on youtube soon!
- I’m reading books again! Yeah, I’m not kidding. I developt a huge laziness and reading books is part of it. Addicted to the Twilight series at the moment ^_^ I couldn’t put the book down and before I knew it was 5:00AM. I just started the third book.